Ernst & Young, the strongest of the Big 6 accounting and consulting firms, maintains a strong presence in the Atlanta business community. When they decided to implement a company-side peer-to-peer auditing program, they turned to Sharp Apex for help. Working with strong developers from Premier Logic, the teams built an Excel-based auditing worksheet in which large teams of accountants and consultants could share auditing information worldwide with a single spreadsheet save. Inter-sheet communication was handled with Groove, the leader peer-to-peer middleware available in the mid-2000s.

Design work was done in the .Net modeling tool, Enterprise Architect. The application also made heavy use of Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures, views, and user-defined functions. Microsoft.Net served as the business application layer; all rules were programmed with the Business Mediator design pattern, which detected appropriate events received from Groove. Later in the development cycle, E & Y introduced the requirement to extract, transform, & Load (ETL) data between Groove and dissimilar back-end systems like Oracle and IBM DB2. Sharp Apex handled this requirement using custom Microsoft Biztalk Server orchestrations to server and file-based endpoints.  40,000 auditors worldwide use the program, which continues to benefit E & Y auditors to this day.