You may not know the name, Belnick, Inc., but you probably know their biggest website, When Eric Lynch arrived at their corporate headquarters in Canton, GA, the company was experiencing very serious problems that threatened their very survival. Although retail furniture sales were on an upward climb, their middleware package was not designed to handle the increasing workload, and crashed an average of five times per day. Sharp Apex redesigned Belnick’s middleware components to reliably capture retail ecommerce sales from their Yahoo Stores front end and distribute the purchase data to SQL Server,, and Financial Force to expedite chair manufacturing and sales. With a scalable and reliable middleware in place, the company grew from $5M in sales to over $125M over a period of five years.

During the Belnick engagement, Sharp Apex designed, wrote, and implemented over 100 enterprise applications. The heaviest components were designed to facilitate data flow between Microsoft.Net and It was during this time that Eric Lynch became fluent in Apex, salesforce’s proprietary development language built atop the Java specification. Integration points connected .Net, salesforce, Yahoo Stores, Demandware, Financial Force, and other enterprise software packages. From this point on, Sharp Apex became known for its corporate tagline: “Microsoft.Net,, and everything in between.