Accenture is the official name of former Big Five accounting firm, Arthur Andersen. Today the global management juggernaut specializes in digital, operations, and technological consulting, operating thousands of complex projects on a daily basis. Without effective governance and controls, project complexity can quickly get out of hand. That’s why Accenture’s Project Management Office (PMO) turned to Sharp Apex to modernize their master enterprise engagement governance system worldwide.

The existing PMO management application was written in C# and JavaScript, but was very monolithic. There was no object model to speak of; code existed within click events of ASP.Net pages, which made database calls via ADO.Net using embedded SQL. As a result, code was very difficult to maintain and there was little opportunity for code reuse. Sharp Apex refactored the application with custom .Net class libraries, making effective use of the object oriented principles of inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. The net result was an application capable of scaling with the company, and a far more maintainable codebase.