Atlanta Microsoft .Net Developer

Eric J. Lynch, MCSD, MCDBA, MCT

711 Tribal Trail
Woodstock , GA 30188
404-643-5379 (mobile)


Distributed Application Architecture – 17 years APEX – 6 years
Visual Basic (v.3,4,5,6, VBA, & VB.Net) – 21 years [+ Certified Trainer]
Visual C# – 16 years (including beta)
Web Services – 16 years
WinForms – 21 years
AJAX – 7 years
jQuery – 5 years
CSS – 11 years
Microsoft SQL Server (6.5 thru 2012) – 21 years
SQL Server DTS & SSIS – 21 years
Crystal Reports- 21 years
WCF – 5 year
XML – 11 years
NUnit – 4 years
Codesmith – 12 years
Visual InterDev (6.0) 5 years [+ Certified Trainer]
Active Server Pages & ASP.Net – 20 years [+ Certified Trainer]
Microsoft Access (v. 2, 7, 97, 2000) – 21 years [+ Certified Trainer]
Microsoft BizTalk Server (2004) – 2 years
Team Foundation Server  (and VSS) – 20 years
SQL (T-SQL, PL/SQL) – 21 years
ODBC – 21 years
Macromedia Dreamweaver – 8 years
HTML/DHTML – 21 years
JavaScript – 21 years
VBScript – 11 years
Oracle 8i & 9i – 5 years
Object Modeling/OOA&D – 11 years
Rational Rose (98 thru 2000) – 8 years
Java (Java2) – 9 years [+ Certified Programmer]
Cold Fusion (server & studio) – 6 years
Borland Together ( & Together Control Center) – 8 years
Servlets & Java Server Pages – 6 years
Enterprise Java Beans – 4 years
Data Modeling – 21 years
WinForms – 21 years
WebForms – 20 years
Agile Development – 8 years
REST web services – 2 years
EDI – 8 years



Fluent in English (first language) and Spanish. Functional in German.


MBA – Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 1987

BBA – Belmont College, Nashville, TN 1985

Memberships : Co-Founder of Atlanta Visual Basic Users Group (AVBUG). Current member of Atlanta .Net User Group (

Training & Certifications:

MCSD (all language-specific exams passed using Microsoft Visual C#.Net)
MCDBA (SQL Server 7, 2000, and 2005)
MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)
Sun Certified Java Programmer (Java 1.2 platform)
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect

Belnick, Inc., dba, Canton, GA

Chief Engineer, Senior Microsoft.Net Developer, Scrum Master – 3/2010 – 3/2015

Redesigned and rewrote e-commerce middleware components and assemblies for order processing and funds capture system for a $50M/year online merchant of business chairs and office furniture. Wrote middleware system to process 100+ orders per day from Yahoo, EDI (Walmart and Target), and Amazon online storefronts in 13 different microsites. All code developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 – 2015, SQL Server 2005 – 2014, True Commerce, Sps Commerce, CyberSource, and Heavy development with Apex API and Yahoo Order and Payment XML API. Captured Yahoo orders with REST web services. Wrote external web services to be called from custom objects on web pages. Created and called custom Apex classes that reside on servers. Heavy use of salesforce triggers in both declarative framework and Apex code. Wrote algorithms to create, update, and delete object from C# and VB.Net. Wrote triggers and validation rules on selected objects. Created cloud-based Apex objects using for Eclipse.

Developed marketing intelligence system in SQL Server,, and other internal data stores. All work done in C#, VB.Net, Apex,, SQL Server, Infragistics web components. Reporting done in SSRS and native Integration service done in SSIS. Also wrote customer facing websites for order tracking, and internal intranet applications for inside sales data entry and maintenance. Managed a growing team Salesforce developers, Salesforce administrators, .Net developers, and IT admin personnel. Performed agile facilitation in a modified scrum environment. Acted in capacity of scrum master between development team and business units.

SRA International, Atlanta, GA

Web Application Developer – 1/2010 – 3/2010

Developed web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 over SQL Server 2005 using classic ASP and ASP.Net web pages for the Internal Revenue Service. Created and modified graphics for web pages using Adobe Photoshop. Created and presented requirements documents. Debugged classic asp code against Active Directory Services among non-trusted domains.

Shaw Industries, Cartersville, GA

Database Applications Developer  – 5/2009 – 12/2009

Developed database applications with Visual C#.Net over SQL Server 2005 database objects. Created stored procedures in Microsoft SQL Server that combined data from IBM DB2 and other online content management databases (Kontico). Wrote product management and inventory system using Visual C#.Net, SQL Server 2005, Linq to SQL while maintaining current database system using nHibernate and iBatis persistence frameworks. Front-end technology stack included JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and AJAX. Consumed Apex objects from Apex web services.

NRCCUA.ORG, Kansas City, MO

Database Applications Developer – 2/2008 – 4/2009

Developed back office applications with Visual C#.Net over SQL Server 2005 database objects. Created SQL Server Integration Service packages (SSI), SQL Server Reporting Service reports with complex workflows. Wrote new multi-tiered lead generation and delivery system using Visual C#.Net, SQL Server 2005, Linq to SQL, Linq to Objects, and XML. Programmed SFTP operations for lead delivery using Rebex custom component API. Used LinqKit for dynamic Linq to SQL operations. Created publishing mechanisms using WCF Endpoints for the purpose of creating a common lead publishing algorithm via SOAP. Modified AJAX components on selected web pages using Microsoft AJAX 2.0 Extensions and Microsoft AJAX Extensions Toolkit.

Borland Software Corporation, Atlanta, GA

Solutions Engineer 8/2006 – 2/2008

Worked in capacity of Solutions Engineer to prospects interested in purchasing Borland Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. Involved in all areas of client adoption. Performed pre-demo discovery, product demonstrations, proof-of-concept, and installation/integration at customer sites. All integrations done in Microsoft C#.Net and Visual Basic.Net 2005 for Microsoft Visual Studio. Performed integration between Borland Requirements Definition and Management (RDM) tools and Microsoft Visual Studio.Net through Borland .Net SDK. Also wrote integrations in VB.Net for various customers using Borland Silk Central Test Manager. Wrote various reports against MS SQL Server Datamarts for prospects interested in Borland CaliberRM. Wrote diagnostic and repair utilities in C#.Net for CaliberRM. Extended Borland Together plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio (written in C#). Wrote whitepaper entitled “Solving Object Modeling’s Shortfalls: How Object Modeling Must Change to Meet the New Mandate of Enterprise Software Development.” Also published a feature article on promoting this whitepaper.

Accenture, Atlanta, GA, 8/2005-8/2006

Software Engineer (1-year contract)

Currently maintaining project management software for Accenture’s Global PMO Group. Goal of the system is to allow project administrators world wide to enter project information, track progress, and produce reports in the form of project scorecards. All work is being done in C#.Net, MS Sql Server 2000, T-SQL, and ASP.Net over IIS 5. Over 75 tables, over 100 stored procedures.


Ernst & Young, Atlanta , GA , 2/2005-8/2005

Software Engineer (6 month contract)

Designed and engineered center-based system for E & Y’s global auditing software. Goal of the system is global coordination and reporting on all auditing operations worldwide for 40,000 CPA audit teams. All work was done in ASP.Net, C#.Net, MS Sql Server 2000, and Microsoft Groove peer-to-peer infrastructure, and Paint Shop Pro. Heavy design and development work with Microsoft BizTalk Standard (for pilot) and Enterprise Edition (for production). Created web application front from use cases created by system/business analysts. Heavy use of MS Enterprise Application blocks in web app. Also utilized Microsoft User Interface Process (UIP) v.2 for web application framework.

Compuware Corporation , Atlanta, GA branch, 6/2003-2/2005

Mentor/Solutions Engineer

Acted in the capacity of mentor to prospective customers interested in purchasing Compuware OptimalJ. Demonstrated product to architects and development teams. Led proof-of-concept efforts, which entailed soliciting use cases, writing documentation in UML, soliciting stakeholder acceptance of proof-of-concept terms, and performing the actual proof itself. Proofs involved developing agreed-upon use cases, writing code, and mentoring teams in how to accomplish the same. Mentored teams in model-driven architecture. These efforts led to the greatest dollar figures of revenue generated by salespeople in the regions I serviced, including Compuware’s first six-figure sale of OptimalJ. Also acted as feature owner for the new .Net version of OptimalJ, both for VB.Net and C#.Net.

Magenic Technologies

* Peopleclick, Raleigh, NC, 1/2003 – 5/2003

Software Developer

Wrote C# application to interact with APIs published by major job boards on the internet. Created modules for automated job posting of large numbers of open job requisition. Work included MS SQL Server 2000, T-SQL stored procedures, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) on NT Server boxes. Development was done on Windows XP Professional. Utilized MS.Net interop with COM components on NT Server for the purpose of interacting with Legacy (VB6) posting engine. This was to be later rewritten in C# when the customer encountered financial crises, causing them to release all consultants.

* Plymart, Atlanta, GA 5/2003 – 6/2003

Software Developer

Performed maintenance on e-commerce applications using C#.Net. Created back-end ETL processing that included SQL Server 2000 DTS packages running on multiple Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server boxes. Performed maintenance on operations involving web services in C# from fat-client application. Re-architected and customer’s fat-client installation strategy to include the advanced features of MS Visual Studio installation of C#.Net assemblies. Heavy XML development in C# to interact with Intuit QuickBooks XML API. Database was MS SQL Server 2000. Web portion was written in Visual C#.Net with ASP.Net.

Federated Systems Group, Atlanta, GA 8/2002-2/2003 (contract)

Architect/Data Analyst

Architected functional and non-functional requirements for MS Visual C# enterprise reporting solution portion of Federated Advertising application (Fedad). Met with Business Analysts to develop functional, low-level use cases from high-level business use cases. Wrote low-level use cases from end user experience standpoint. Translated functional level use cases into UML design artifacts (class diagrams, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams). Interfaced with J2EE technical leads to decide best architecture option from the needs of each individual report requirement. Investigated 3 rd party reporting tools for possible use. Developed architecture in C#.Net over which the reporting system would operate. Assisted in development of reports in accordance with architectural specifications when in-house reporting resources were overtaxed. Implemented the final solution in Crystal 9 Enterprise with ASP.Net web forms over MS.Net assemblies written in C#.Net.

Softwise Inc., Atlanta, GA 4/2002 – 8/2002 (contract)

Held meetings with project managers and other stakeholders, garnered requirements and use cases through JAD sessions. Translated use cases and requirements into functional design specifications and UML models. Ported existing application from a legacy database provider to OLEDB in preparation for porting back end platform to MS SQL Server 2000. Wrote VB.Net web service to handle automatic updates via SQL Server DTS package(s). Heavy writing/rewriting/configuring Crystal Reports 7 and 8 for use with VB from multiple servers. Rewrote algorithms as necessary to take advantage of new database technology. Heavy customer and end user contact. Maintained existing features and added new features as per customer. Led JAD sessions with end uses and stakeholders. Trained end user personnel in the proper way to take advantage of new functionality. Added five new features to a web site done in Allaire ColdFusion and Active Server Pages (ASP) for use on an ecommerce web site hosted by a 3rd party hosting service. Utilized UML diagramming to communicate with end users and stakeholders. Taught Microsoft and Java classes during downtime and non-scheduled weeks.

Sprint, Kansas City, MO 1/2002 – 4/2002 (contract)

Architect/Analyst/Applications Developer

Held meetings with project managers and other stakeholders, garnered requirements and use cases through JAD sessions. Translated use cases and requirements into functional design specifications and UML models. Designed (Object-Oriented), developed, rewrote and refactored existing application for Sprint’s Concept Initiation Application. App was done using modified model-2 architecture using Java, Java Server Pages, JDBC, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL Stored Procedures. Initial mockup was done in Borland JBuilder. Gathered requirements by meeting with domain experts. Facilitated JAD sessions to develop use cases, user stories, and UML diagrams (class, sequence, activity) using Feature Driven Development (FDD). Development web server is Apache Tomcat 4.2; Production web server is BEA WebLogic 6.1. Application contains 70+ tables, 22 stored procedures and is being used by all Sprint employees. Also assisted in Sprint’s Web IA Initiative using Visual Basic 6 and Excel VBA for data migration. Used Together Control Center, XML Spy, Sun NetBeans.

TogetherSoft, Raleigh, NC 12/2000- 2/2002

Sales Engineer/Mentor/Architect/Integrations Developer (MS.Net/Java/Oracle)

Demonstrated Together Control Center for prospective clients. Performed mentoring and consulting services to customers using Together Control Center to write applications in Java. Wrote in-house applications for corporate office in ASP and ASP.Net. Met with and interviewed clients, held JAD sessions, mentored clients in the development of object models, implemented models in Java. Wrote and architected modules for Together Control Center’s VB6, VB.Net, Visual C# capability. Wrote executable modules in Java to integrate Together Control Center with other Alliance Partners’ products. Wrote plug ins to Together Control Center for integration of several J2EE application servers using Java. Heavy customer contact. Taught public and private workshops in J2SE, J2EE, and object modeling. Workshops included: How to Build Better Object Models, How to Apply Patterns Strategically, How to Automate Patterns Using Together, Intro to UML, Together QuickStart for Java, Together QuickStart for J2EE. Served as Integrations Developer in Together Research & Development Division for Oracle 9i. Served as technical advisor to Integrations division with regard to ATG Dynamo deployment features. Demonstrated TogetherSoft’s Microsoft.Net integration for early adopters.

MEAG, Atlanta, GA (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia) 2/1997-2/1998 & 9/1999 – 12/2000 (contract)

Database Application Architect/Developer

Re-designed, re-engineered, programmed and implemented an hourly energy cost allocation system for an electric utility company. The purpose of this project is to bring MEAG’s billing municipal procedures into compliance with contractual obligations mandated under the Public Energy Charter of the State of Georgia. Project was done in SQL Server 6.5, Active Server Pages (ASP), Access97, Visual Basic 5.0 and Crystal Reports 5.0. Utilized Sylvain Faust SQL Sombrero for DB Library, and also Farpoint Spread OCX spreadsheet/grid control. Project involved heavy use of embedded SQL and OLE Servers. Full life cycle development experience. Designed, developed, wrote, maintained, demonstrated MEAG Outage Tracking System with ASP, VB6, Java Applets, JavaScript, SQL Server 7, MTS for use on the Internet. Developed MEAG Time Tracking system for MEAG Intranet with ASP, VB6, with ActiveX Controls. System is still used company wide for time reporting in compliance with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Nuclear Energy Regulatory Commission.

ADC Systems Integration Inc., Kennesaw , GA 2/1999 – 9/1999

Intranet Development/Application Development

Designed, developed, tested, deployed and maintained corporate intranet site for Application Support Requests for world wide use with Microsoft Visual Interdev 6, Active Server Pages, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Visual Basic 6, and SQL Server 6.5 and 7, and Microsoft Transaction Server. Middle-tier business logic modules were engineered using UML and implemented in object-oriented fashion. Developed Netscape portion of selected intranet sites using Symantec Visual Cafe for Java to design applets with SQL Server database interaction. Site is available for use by 2000 employees worldwide.

Eleven Data, Inc, Acworth , GA 1997-1999

Database Application Development
(contract development concurrently with MEAG contracts above)

Maintained and enhanced applications previously developed for existing customers under AVBAC Software in Visual Basic 3, 4, and 5, Access 2 & 97, and SQL Server 6.5. Also taught Microsoft Certified classes in Visual Basic 4 & 5, Access, and SQL Server. Taught Allaire Cold Fusion 4.5 as contract trainer. Remodeled databases and implemented object-oriented design to fullest extent possible using Visual Basic to provide for code reuse, polymorphism, and data encapsulation. Provided training on Microsoft development products and relational databases.

Totally redesigned and re-engineered an entire marketing research database for a satellite television broadcasting company [National Market Share] for the purpose of tracking customer and prospect demographics, thereby discovering the most efficient and effective marketing strategies to the target market. Project was done in Visual Basic v.4, SQL Server 6.5, Visual Foxpro 3.0, Access 7, using DBLib as the method of connecting to SQL Server. Very heavy use of embedded SQL. Database had 50 tables, 5 forms, 13 reports written via OLE Automation to Microsoft Excel. Database contained over 26 million customer/prospect records. Before the project started the daily process took 4 hours to complete. After my new project was implemented, the entire daily processing took roughly 15 minutes to complete.

Developed several modules (via telecommuting) for an insurance oriented software firm called TechnoRisk using Visual Basic 3.0, MS Access 2.0, and Crystal Reports Pro 4.5. Designed, programmed, troubleshot, demonstrated several mission-critical database system modules for the management of data related to maritime injuries and deaths in the commercial fishing industry. Utilized several vbxs including the Sheridan Calendar Widgets and Crescent Quik Pak items. Overcame design constraints and modified database structure where necessary to insure referential integrity and sound database design. Delivered modules on time; met all deadlines. Modules revolved around the management of Vessels, owning/operating companies, and insurance policy ramifications as a result of injuries/deaths involving said vessels. Entire project contains 24 forms, 38 tables, 50 reports.

Developed an application to allow commercial fishing vessels to track and alcohol and drug testing of persons involved in marine accidents and electronically send reports as mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard. Project involved Visual Basic 3.0 over Access 2.0, and involved 12 forms, 6 tables, and 1 Crystal Report. Package was developed as a stand alone and as an add-on module to the larger insurance package owned by the same firm. Utilized Sheridan Designer Widgets and Crescent Quik Pak.

Developed a call tracking database system for fledgling data processing recruiting firm. Project involved development in Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 and Access 2.0. 12 tables, 12 queries, 15 forms, 9 Crystal reports. Product was tailored as a one/two-man tool for automating recruiting and placement operations in the data processing industry. Database system was developed as a stand-alone product targeted primarily to recruiters who had decided to leave their recruiting firms and go into business for themselves.

Developed a personal information manager (PIM) for TechnoRisk’s standalone purposes as well as an add-on to the above insurance application. Manager consists of electronic calendar with MonthView as well as DayView that reads all different types of dates in database and presents upcoming events for user to act upon. 4 tables, 7 queries, 13 reports. Utilized Sheridan Calendar Widgets and SQL to facilitate and speed operation. Module has all critical database capabilities: Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD).

Seagate Software/Crystal Inc., Atlanta , GA 1995-1996

Consultant Software Development/Technical Support – Crystal Reports /Seagate Software

Developed in-house helpdesk applications in Visual Basic 4.0, MS Access 7.0, and Lotus Notes, and Crystal Reports. Applications were for the Telesolve division of the consulting company, which is in the business of outsourcing of technical support for various hardware/software product vendors. Modified call-tracking system in Lotus Notes 3.0 to allow the system to deliver more meaningful information for call tracking/management purposes. Developed Access/Visual Basic applications for in-house management purposes and also as product demos for Seagate Software/Crystal Inc., one of the consulting company’s outsourcing customers. Performed phone and e-mail technical support for Crystal Reports for all versions, working with several databases: Access, Paradox, Btrieve, dBase, Sybase, SQL Server, ACT, and Goldmine.


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