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Eric J. Lynch – .Net and Apex Developer

Eric J. Lynch

I’m independent software development professional, Eric J Lynch. I’ve been developing enterprise software solutions for businesses and government agencies for over 22 years. I’ve written a great deal of solutions over the decades, most of which are still in production use today. I do most of my work in Microsoft.Net, Salesforce.com, SQL Server, and selected flavors of JavaScript (most recently, Angular).

In addition to producing automated solutions, I also teach others to do the same. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I teach both the basics as well as the finer points of programming and . I’ve also taught solution architecture as one of Peter Coad’s mentors, I’ve taught various domain modeling classes such as UML in Color and How to Build Better Object Models.

If you’re interested in my services, please contact me with your project details. My calendar fills up quickly so call early and often. 404-643-5379 or send me a message from my contact page.



Whether you’re maintaining an existing .Net application or building a brand new one from the ground up, my 20+ years Microsoft development experience will deliver a sensible production solution. Get the development help you need to effectively leverage the .Net framework for optimal results throughout the full enterprise technology stack. I create robust, scalable .Net solutions that produce frequent, tangible, working results that will make your company money or save your company money.


While it’s true that you can accomplish a great deal of salesforce.com work without writing a single line of code at all, you will eventually reach the point where the declarative framework can no longer meet your business needs. When that day comes, you’ll have to rely on Apex code as your org grows. But watch out for those pesky governor limits and cryptic exception messages. You’ll soon find out that it pays to look for a developer with experience writing Apex triggers, classes, and test cases.

Mentoring & Training

Not only do I develop enterprise-level software solutions, I also teaches other developers to do the same. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), I appy decades of programming and software engineering experience to help your teams reach their optimal velocity and productivity. As a Certified Scrum Master and (soon-to-be) Certified Scrum Professional, I can increase your team’s velocity or help with a strategic transformation from waterfall to agile development framework.



Full-stack software development, new project and maintenance programming, including requirements gathering, deployment, and documentation.


Salesforce.com administration and feature development using salesforce’s declarative, “no-code” framework.


Public and private classes with Microsoft Official Curriculum and non-certified courseware for software development and agile methodologies.

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